Hello World

This is a demo blog for giving people an intro to the blogosphere.

We're using wordpress.com today, but there are many other free hosted services (and some you get to pay for too!) such as: blogger myspace livejournal and typepad.


May 24, 2006. c4t, News and Announcements. 1 comment.

I took a picture!

and posted it to my blog using flickr

Homework: You can also upload your pictures to wordpress.com – check out how to do this here

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I made a podcast

but it's very short. You can listen to it here.

 If you want to host audio (and video) for free, take a look at the internet archive

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And I made a coooool video too!

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Finding other blogs

Try out: Technorati or Google Blog Search

Homework: checkout PubSub for keeping track of subjects you're interested in

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How do you read 150 blogs a day

and not go mad?

I use bloglines 🙂

but there are others –

Homework: google "rss aggregator" and see what you can find that you like better. Also check out wikipedia on the subject.

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